Ross Matthews

Ross is the Chairman and CEO of Sinclair Oil Corporation.  He joined Sinclair in June 2000 serving as Vice President of Exploration and Production where he led the company’s participation in pioneering the development of horizontal drilling and fracture stimulation in the Barnet Shale, America’s first unconventional resource play.  In 2009, he assumed his current position managing the family owned, fully integrated oil company.  For more than 100 years, Sinclair has produced transportation fuels for the traveling public and currently has the greatest refining capacity in the Rocky Mountain region.

Prior to joining Sinclair, Ross was the General Manager, Russia for Benton Oil and Gas.  He was responsible for opening the company’s office in Moscow and for all company activity in the West Siberian Basin.  Under his leadership, Benton initiated oil production in the Russian arctic and exported barrels to the international market.  Prior to joining Benton, Ross held many positions over a seventeen year career with Union Pacific Resources.

Ross was the founding Executive Director of the Texas Christian University Energy Institute and serves on its Advisory Board.  He serves as a board member for the Grand America Hotels and Resorts and formerly was a Trustee for the School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration in Utah.