Patrick Magee

Patrick Magee is the Development and Events Coordinator for the Killebrew-Thompson Memorial. He grew up with an adventurous family who would tackle multi-day river trips in Oregon every year. After spending many years using his biology degree to educate people worldwide about Idaho’s Wilderness via whitewater guiding, he decided that it was time to make a real difference in this world. Patrick’s favorite (and only) niece was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 3, which eventually led him to the world of non-profits. However, Patrick was no stranger to donating time and money to worthy causes. He grew up playing the fiddle for audiences in nursing homes, schools, and even out in the general public while his father backed him up on guitar. As an avid fly fisherman, don’t mention anything about fish around this guy unless you want to talk to a trout bum for the next few hours!