Hannah Stauts

Hannah oversees KTM as the Executive Director. Born in Boise, Idaho, she fell in love with nonprofit work as a teenager when appointed to the Boise City Arts Commission. Her work either volunteering for or leading nonprofits hasn’t stopped since. Throughout undergrad at Boise State, she admittedly spent more time serving as an officer for the lacrosse and ski racing teams than studying. After college, while working as a wild land firefighter, Hannah ran and was elected mayor of Stanley, Idaho at the age of 22. After completing what was a rodeo of a term, she moved to Bozeman, Montana and worked for a conservation organization while earning a Masters in Public Administration.

Having had several family members treated for cancer at St. Luke’s MSTI, Hannah knows intimately the importance of KTM’s cause. Working for a fun event that brings people together while raising funds for cancer research is the perfect harmony of passions for her. She finds inspiration in the generosity and sincerity of the Killebrew-Thompson family of donors and sponsors. “I love coming into work every day and knowing that we are part of the fight against cancer, helping to find a cure one donation at a time.”