Ringing the “last treatment” bell

Paislee Magee was on a camping trip with her parents when she came down with a cold and mysterious bruises that just wouldn’t go away. Her mother researched her symptoms only to discover that her 3-year-old might be fighting something much greater than a cold. Leukemia.

When the Magees brought their daughter to the hospital, their worst fears were confirmed. Paislee had leukemia. She immediately started chemotherapy at St. Luke’s Cancer Institute in Boise. It wasn’t long before she lost her hair. Paislee told her mother, “I don’t feel pretty anymore because I have no hair.” So her parents shaved their heads in a show of solidarity.

In 2019, Paislee rang the “last treatment” bell at St. Luke’s to signify the end of her cancer treatment. Her mother says she gained inspiration watching Paislee throughout the process. The story of Paislee and the Magees is testament to how a family can make it through anything—even cancer.